Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to the Rocketman blog. On this site are all the various games played thus far, with background information and various character and equipment stats. The site can be navigated by means of the menu bar and the various games can be found in the side bar. To return to this main page, simply click on the Home button.

Rocketman is a skirmish wargame campaign using a set of simple home made rules created by Oleg Zacharov, based on, and scaled up from the fantastic DBA rule system. These rules are not available on this site, but given the information I have posted, any one ought to be able to convert Rocketman using any combat or role playing rules which deal with the twentieth century.

Rocketman is set in the latter half of the 1930's, specifically from the year 1936. The games are inspired by a wide range of sources and idea's, primarily Bulldog Drummond, Indiana Jones and Rocketeer. Most of the settings are historical, or draw on historical events, but the games tend to avoid including actual people or events. Also, I have deliberately toned down the Nazi's, for a number of reasons. Partly because I want to avoid the whole 'Nazi secret weapon' cliché, but also because the Nazi's are absent from the Bulldog Drummond books which were my initial starting point.

This site is designed to be an online resource for the players, but any one who stumbles across the site and likes what they read is welcome to use it. Most everything written on the site is of my own design and creation and as far as possible I have avoided using copyrighted imagery (there may be one or two exceptions but if any one complains then I shall simply remove the offending image).

The blog will be updated as time goes by, but in such a manner that this page will always be foremost.


Rocketman campaigns, past, present & future


Players: Oleg. Tracey. Palle. Jan.

Rocketman and companions set out to rescue professor Rosenblum from the clutches of Baron von Schöenberg. The adventure takes them from a steamer in the Mediterranean Sea to Egypt and Northern Sudan.

RM1.1 - Death on the High Seas
RM1.2 - Man Hunt
RM1.3 - La Vallee Maudite
RM1.4 - Mad Dogs and Englishmen
RM1.5 - The Divine Light



Players: Oleg. Tracey. Jan.

Rocketman goes to the North Pole to find the evil Doktor Metzger but ends up facing an enemy beyond his wildest fears.

RM2.1 - The Frozen North
RM2.2 - The Ice Station



Players: Oleg. Tracey. Palle. Peter. Jan.

Rocketman journeys to Russia after the mysterious 'Iron Czar' kidnaps Audrey Summers. Events soon lead to pitched battles in Khazakhstan where the Iron Czar is about to unleash a terrifying energy weapon againt Moscow.

RM3.1 - Agent 99 and the Trans-Siberian Express
RM3.2 - 126 Nevksy Road
RM3.3 - Rocketman Attacks!
RM3.4 - The Machine Man
RM3.5 - Child of War



Players: Oleg. Rasmus. Peter. Palle. Jan.

Rocketman is recruited by MI6 and then sent to the Amazon river to find a former agent of Baron von Schöenberg named Moros. A three sided battle ensues when the Barons agents arrive to deal with Moros first.

RM4.1 - Crossfire
RM4.2 - The Lair of Moros



Players: Jan. Oleg. Rasmus. Palle. Goeg.

Whilst still in Brazil, Rocketman locates a commercial u-boat belonging to the Baron. Soon the game is afoot as papers on board the submarine lead Rocketman to a secret island base in the Seychelles where the Dr Metzger and the Schwartzekreutz bruderschafft have been conducting diabolical scientific experiments.

RM5.1 - Bremen on the Amazon
RM5.2 - Beach Assault
RM5.3 - Denizens of the Wreck
RM5.4 - The Sea Wolves
RM5.5 - The House of Schöenberg

Players: Jan. Palle. Oleg. Goeg. Tracey.
Viktor Korsakov returns and this time he is ready for battle! Things heat up in Afghanistan, anno 1936!

RM6.1 - The Kunduz Affair
RM6.2 - The Battle of Wadi Suhib
RM6.3 - Revenge of the Black Guards
RM6.4 - Blood, Iron and Sand
RM6.5 - Inferno


Players: Jan. Palle. Goeg. Oleg.
A British scientist goes missing when his aeroplane crashes in the Everglades. Rocketman and his friends investigate the disapearance but find more than just alligators!

RM7.1 - Oyster Bay Part 1 'The Mystery of Flight 1091'
RM7.2 - Oyster Bay Part 2 'Something strange is afoot'
RM7.3 - Pier 9 Part 1 'Pier 9'
RM7.4 - Pier 9 Part 2 'The Children of Ag Lata'



Jan. Palle. Goeg. Oleg.
A reception in Paris goes horribly wrong when African warriors break in to kidnap noted archeologist Bertie Bambridge. What follows is a series of pitched battles as Rocketman races into the heart of the Congo to rescure his friend from certain doom!

RM8.1 - Heist!
RM8.2 -
Shadows in the City of Light
RM8.3 - The King of the Congo
RM8.4 - La Bete Noir
RM8.5 - Dark Heart

Players: Jan. Palle. Goeg.
When Daniel Mansfield goes to North America, the Feds, the aliens and even the girls go nuts!

RM9.1 - Old McDonald's Farm
RM9.2 - Star Light Serenade 
RM9.2 - Miss Winter's missing attaché case


Players: Jan. Palle. Goeg.
A grainy photograph sends Rocketman back into the Amazon jungle in a desperate attempt to stop Baron von Schöenberg from toppling the global order. Things are not what they seem however and time is running out faster than any one knows!

RM10.1 - Überfall
RM10.2 - Gegenangriff
RM10.3 - Kreuzfeuer
RM10.4 - Achtung Panzer!
RM10.5 - Die Kunst des Krieges  

RM10.6 - Stachelrochen
RM10.7 - Weltherrschaft


Players: Jan. Palle. Goeg. Oleg.
A new world order isn't always a good idea. Having already saved the world twice from Viktor Korsakov, Rocketman must now deal with the consequences. The China Campaign runs simultaneously with RM7, 8, and 9.

RM11.1 - The Tangtse Incident
RM11.2 - The Snipers!
RM11.3 - Artillery is King
RM11.4 - Surprise at Urango
RM11.5 - Kashmir if you can
RM11.6 - The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Machine-gun fire
RM11.7 - Untitled
RM11.8 - Crossroads

RM11.9 - The Battle of Leh


Players: Jan. Palle. Goeg. Andreas.
As Germany's descent into civil war drags France and Britain into conflict with Russia, Rocketman and his companions must put aside their misgivings and join the fight against Bolshevism! The Death of the Reich runs simultaneously with RM10, 13, 14 and 15.

RM12.1 - The Return of the Black Guards
RM12.2 - Captain Brass
RM12.3 - The C.O.E.


Players: TBA
An old enemy has returned and as the war brews in Europe, Rocketman finds himself returning to Africa to face the invigorated forces of the Witch Queen!

RM13.1 - Port Verdes
RM13.2 - Tanga Station
RM13.3 - Fort Dupres
RM13.4 - Marracas Valley
RM13.5 - Mount Uyo


Players: TBA
Something terrible lurks in Hindemith House. When a dear old friend is found murdered, Daniel Mansfield must put aside worldy concerns and discover the terrible truth.

RM14.1 - The Black Gang
RM14.2 - Cold Fear
RM14.3 - The Secret World
RM14.4 - The Temple of Oroq
RM14.5 - Fire Below Zero


Players: TBA
Set in the desert wastelands of Northern Manchuria

RM15.1 - The Cult of the Blue Dragon
RM15.2 - Baptism of Fire
RM15.3 - Burning Heat
RM15.4 - The Wasteland
RM15.5 - Flashpoint